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Our Team.

It can't be done without a team and ours is one of the best!

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Brooke helps to keep it all together and running. She facilitates classes, writes grants, and has her hat in a lot of rings.

Creative Director

Clayton is a direct link to our veteran program and has been with Rough Draft almost since the beginning. He writes curriculum and facilitates classes all while finishing his PhD. 

Project Director

Aaron heads up The Personhood Project from tracking down amazing poets to hosting the podcast. As a poet himself and part of the TXST MFA program, he fits in perfect!

Audio Engineer

Nathan rocks the audio world, literally. He handles all the recording, music, and mixing for all the podcasts. He's the master of all things audio. 

Right-hand Woman

If Erika can't handle it, no one can! She takes care of everything from the website to contacting facilities and everything in between.

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